Build Your Skills Toolbox

Examples of meeting facilitation as an elected official include:

  • Following Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Modeling collaboration and cooperation.
  • Engaging stakeholders in productive discussions.


League staff are available to answer your questions, share examples from cities around the state, and give you updates on legislation that affects city operations. Here is a key resource:

Open Meeting Laws or Conducting a Meeting Virtually

Reach out to League Research staff.


The League’s website features several important resources for elected officials that you can explore as needed.

  • A Good Start to Good Governance  (PDF) includes excerpts from League resources to help you start strong in your new role. It includes sections on meetings and hearings of city councils and open meeting laws.
  • The Handbook for Minnesota Cities is your comprehensive resource for laws affecting Minnesota city governments.
  • The informational memo, Meetings of City Councils (PDF), contains general information on conducting meetings, understanding quorum, and recording meetings and minutes. It also includes information on the use of rules of order.
  • The Minnesota Mayors Handbook — a product of the Minnesota Mayors Association, in cooperation with the League — is a starting point for all you need to learn to be a successful mayor. It includes sections on meeting management and decorum, and also offers guidance on public participation in council meetings.



As a League member, you have access to a wide range of educational and networking opportunities.  Find ones that work best for your schedule and learning style.  Learn about ways to build relationships with other elected officials for support and networking. 

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