The League of Minnesota Cities is the only organization in the state that compiles information on Minnesota cities and city officials. Now you can order this continuously updated data in a Microsoft Excel file that you can sort and also format for a mailing list or labels to fit your needs.

Get basic city information

You can order basic city information from the League’s database in a Microsoft Excel file that includes the following information for all Minnesota cities:

  • City name
  • Mailing address
  • City, state, zip code
  • General city phone number
  • General city email
  • City website address
  • Population
  • County
  • Legislative district
  • County election year and month
  • City hall business hours
  • Council meeting schedule

Add in city officials

You can also add city roles (which include the person’s name and title) to the Microsoft Excel file of basic city information. Options for city roles include:

  • Attorney
  • Chief Appointed Official
  • Council Members
  • Engineer
  • Fire Chief
  • Mayor
  • Parks and Recreation Director
  • Police Chief
  • Public Works Director