Resources for Newly Elected City Officials

Core Competencies GraphicThere’s a lot to learn as you’re getting started in local government — and we’re here to help!

The League of Minnesota Cities has developed 11 competencies that represent the core knowledge, skills, and abilities or other characteristics that help elected officials succeed. Ten of these competencies come from leading through values, vision, or action (depicted in the image at the right — click to make larger — or access an overview of the competencies here). The links below will lead you to key people, online resources, and learning opportunities for each of these core competencies.

Leading with Values

Integrity and Ethics
Always acting with integrity, honesty, and fairness. Actively demonstrating the values and mission of your city.

Sharing information and fostering the exchange of ideas with fellow elected officials, city staff, and the public.

Community Engagement
Reaching out to the community to involve them in local government in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Equity and Inclusion
Working to create an environment that is respectful, open, and welcoming to diverse ideas, backgrounds, and talents. Working to create equitable policies and practices.

Leading with Vision

Strategic Planning and Decision-Making
Developing a vision; identifying priorities and resources required to achieve that vision. Examining all factors affecting an issue and taking informed action.

Working with others to create and implement policies that achieve common goals and advance the mission of your city.

Managing Risk
Understanding legal requirements and complying with applicable laws. Mitigating risky situations.

Leading with Action

Meeting Facilitation
Running effective meetings.

Financial Literacy
Financial decision-making and accountability. Preparing a budget that reflects the values and vision of the community.

Personnel Management
Consistently implementing employee policies and fair practices. Motivating employees to fulfill their potential.

Servant Leadership Mindset

When you lead with the values, vision, and actions of the 10 competencies above, you’ll develop a servant leadership mindset and it will be easy to put the needs of your city, staff, and community first.