HR Reference Manual Chapter 2: Hiring

HR Chapters

Review in detail how to find the best qualified applicants while complying with all applicable laws.

Published Jun 16, 2022.

Hiring a City Manager or Administrator Toolkit

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Learn the steps to take in hiring a city manager or administrator.

Published Mar 7, 2022.

Veterans Preference in Hiring

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Learn about the state law requiring cities to award preference to veterans for most employment positions.

Published Feb 16, 2022.

City Career Advantage Portal

Ideas and resources to help your city to attract and retain talent.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Toolkit for the City Workplace

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Testing employees for drug and alcohol use under Minnesota law and required testing under federal Department of Transportation regulations.

Published Dec 6, 2021.

HR Reference Manual Chapter 1: City Employment Basics

HR Chapters

Learn successful human resources practices and find brief introductions to applicable state and federal laws.

Published Sep 28, 2021.

Physical Ability Tests for City Employees

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Find out legal and practical issues when cities use a physical ability test to make any type of employment decision.

Published May 25, 2021.

Background Checks: The ABC’s of BCA Data

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Learn appropriate ways for the city to access the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) criminal history information database.

Published Mar 2, 2021.

Employee Probationary Periods

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Understand the risks and rewards of establishing a probationary period for employees in your city.

Published Feb 23, 2021.

Police Department Management and Liability Issues

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Understand special management challenges for city police department personnel.

Published Oct 28, 2020.