LMC City Policies for 2020

The League of Minnesota Cities Board of Directors approved the League’s 2020 city legislative policies and priorities on Nov. 7, 2019.

The 2020 City Policies publication covers the League’s legislative initiatives and defensive positions on a wide array of issues. It will guide the League’s advocacy efforts throughout the 2020 legislative session, which starts on Feb. 11.

The policies are the only comprehensive statewide advocacy agenda for all Minnesota cities.

—Download the 2020 City Policies (pdf)

Policy areas

League legislative policies cover the following areas:

The city policies are crafted with input from hundreds of city staff and elected officials participating in the League’s four policy committees, Regional Meetings, Annual Conference, and many other member interactions.

LMC legislative priorities for 2020

The League’s Board also approved the 2020 legislative priorities at its Nov. 7, 2019 meeting. The priorities will help focus the League’s advocacy efforts during the legislative session.

The legislative priorities are based on the Board’s assessment of member interest, gleaned from discussions that occurred during the League’s policy committee process as well as discussions with members during the fall Regional Meetings and other membership interaction.

The priority list does not reflect the entire scope of the League’s anticipated activities at the Legislature during the 2020 legislative session. Additionally, the list may be modified by Board action.

2020 legislative priorities (listed alphabetically):

  • Aid to Cities
  • Bonding/Capital Investment
  • City Street Funding
  • Housing (Policy)
  • Housing (Resources, Workforce and Affordable)
  • Infrastructure Fees
  • Local Control
  • Police and Fire Disability Issues
  • Sales Tax Exemption on Construction Materials
  • Telecommunications & Broadband
  • Water

—Read more about the 2020 priorities (pdf)