Build Your Skills Toolbox

Examples of managing risk as an elected official include:

  • Following open and transparent public process with decision-making.
  • Fairness in application of ordinances and policies.
  • Upholding the values of the city and acting as a role model for integrity.


League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) staff are available to answer your questions about coverage, claims, loss control, and the benefits of LMCIT membership.  Here are some key contacts for you:

Loss Control Resources and Training

Rachel Carlson, LMCIT Loss Control Manager
(651) 281-1210 

Property/Casualty and Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Consult with your city’s insurance agent, or contact the LMCIT Underwriting Department at

File a Claim for Your City

You may submit a claim online, or contact an LMCIT claims representative at (651) 281-1200.

League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust General Information

Laura Honeck, LMCIT Operations Manager
(651) 281-1280

Enter Into/Manage a Joint Powers Agreement

Chris Smith, Risk Management Attorney
(651) 281-1269


The League’s website features several important Insurance Trust resources for elected officials that you can explore as needed.



As a League member, you have access to a wide range of educational and networking opportunities.  Find ones that work best for your schedule and learning style.  Learn about ways to build relationships with other elected officials for support and networking. 

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