COMING SOON: Change to how you submit city job opportunities

Beginning in mid-February, city job postings will be submitted online using your MyLMC account. The new submission form will streamline the process and make it easier to post your job listings.

Get prepared now: Anyone submitting a job opportunity for posting will need a MyLMC account — alert your city staff and be sure to have your MyLMC account set up as soon as possible to avoid any delays in posting jobs once the new submission process is finalized. Learn how to create a new MyLMC account

Fees for Posting City Job Opportunities

League members: No cost.
Non-members (including those outside of Minnesota):

  • $11.75/day will be invoiced and billed for each listing.
  • Minimum posting requirement of 7 days, maximum of three months. A listing requested for three months will be billed for that duration even if the job listing is removed prior to three months.
  • No “Open Until Filled” listings are allowed.

All job ads will be posted for no more than three months. If your job is still open after that time and you wish to renew the posting, contact

How to Submit Job Announcements

Email job announcements to and include the following information within the email text (no pdf or Word document attachments):

  • Your city name.
  • Job position title of listing.
  • Salary.
  • Application deadline (posting will be removed at the end of business on deadline date).
  • Brief job summary not exceeding 150 words; see format in the example announcement below (the League does not publish full job descriptions).
  • Contact information for applicants and/or link to further job information.

[Example of job announcement format]

City: Mosquito Heights
Position Title: City Administrator
Salary: $134,368.00 – $184,059.20 Annually
Application Deadline: 02/07/2021

Job Summary: The City Administrator provides city leadership, vision and strategic direction, directs the development, planning, management, coordination, delivery and evaluation of social service, economic support and employment training. The City Administrator is influential in shifting perspectives and behaviors in ways which honor cultural differences and builds community in expectations, beliefs, and practices to build an inclusive and equitable work and service delivery environment.

Contact Information: Mosquito Heights Human Resources, (651) 444-3333 or


Intern Job Postings

Intern postings will be appear as follows: Intern (department or title) – (City Name)

Seasonal Job Postings

Seasonal jobs will be included in one posting per city and be listed as Seasonal – (City Name). Please send seasonal postings in the format below. You may include deadlines for each individual posting, however, the full ad will not be removed until the deadline you provide for the full seasonal listing.

Example of format to follow when submitting seasonal city job postings to include General Duties; How to Apply; and the job title, salary/hourly rate, and Closing (deadline to apply).