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These awards are the League’s highest individual honors and are presented annually to recognize outstanding service.

  • The C.C. Ludwig Award is the League’s highest honor for elected city officials. Recipients are chosen for their vision, statesmanship, and unwavering commitment to the public good. The award was established in 1962 and is named for Clarence C. Ludwig, who served as the League’s executive director from 1935-1959.
  • The James F. Miller Leadership Award is the League’s highest honor for appointed city officials, and is presented in recognition of outstanding leadership in public service and dedication to the community. The award is named for former Executive Director James F. Miller, who retired in 2015 after 22 years of service to the League.
  • The Emerging Leader Award is presented in recognition and encouragement of elected and appointed officials that are early in their service to municipal government (eight years of experience or less), have made meaningful contributions to their city, and show promise for continuing service and leadership.

These awards are intended to honor individuals for going the extra mile. Judges consider the following:

  • Service above and beyond what is required by the nominee’s position.
  • Contributions to improved municipal government throughout the state of Minnesota through involvement in national, state, county, municipal, professional, or other public organizations or agencies.
  • Significant improvements in Minnesota cities throughout the state attributable to the nominee’s service.
  • Admiration and respect of the general public for the nominee, and the nominee’s success in raising the prestige of city government service.
  • Selfless conduct focused on the greater good of all Minnesota cities, not only the nominee’s own city.

2023 Award Recipients