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Looking for a new way to learn about topics that are important to Minnesota cities? City Speak podcast provides short takes on city issues — from timely topics like legislative updates, to perennial content like city budgets and collaboration. You’ll hear engaging interviews and firsthand accounts of cities using their heart, hard work, and humanity as they provide excellence in city government across the state.

At less than 30 minutes each, you can listen to episodes of City Speak during your drive time, on your lunch break, or while taking a walk.

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Most recent episodes:

Learning to Get Out of the Way

Brad Martens transitioned from working in a small community where he wore many hats to being the city manager in Shoreview with long-tenured department heads. Hear how he learned to get out of the way and let the experts do their jobs, honor their work as they retire, and thoughtfully choreograph how to move forward.

Episode Transcript (pdf)


Grateful for Guidance

Duluth Chief Administrative Officer Noah Schuchman shares how having a network of city leaders was instrumental in helping him when he began his career in city government and made an unconventional career shift. Learn how he cracked the code on the importance of getting and giving guidance and the impact it’s had on his city leadership journey.

Episode Transcript (pdf)


New Season: Focusing on Leadership

We’re kicking off a new season of the City Speak podcast starting Sept. 1! Join host Luke Fischer, executive director of the League of Minnesota Cities, as he talks with city staff and elected officials who are new to leadership roles or who are going through a leadership transition in their community.

Season 5, Bonus Episode Transcript (pdf)


Highlights from Season 4

I Wish I Could Say I’ve Never Made That Mistake

Crystal City Manager Anne Norris recalls how a budget process gone wrong provided a painful lesson on the importance of clear communication. She shares how owning the mistake helped rebuild trust with city officials and the community.

Season 4, Episode 10 Transcript (pdf)


I Wasn’t Engaging the Community

Buffalo Mayor Teri Lachermeier shares how a city redevelopment project taught her the importance of getting community input. She also describes her method to ensure people feel their opinion is heard.

Season 4, Episode 9 Transcript (pdf)


Staying Plugged In

Chatfield Clerk Joel Young shares how seeing others become downtrodden and cynical reinforced the importance of maintaining connections and relationships with others in local government. He also reveals the one word that has helped him through some stressful times.

Season 4, Episode 8 Transcript (pdf)


Failing Forward

Baudette Clerk-Treasurer Tina Rennemo chats with us about lessons she’s learned in her career. She shares the importance of learning by making mistakes, and explains how focusing on the great things happening in her city helps her stay positive.

Season 4, Episode 2 Transcript (pdf)


Don’t Lose Sight of the Things That Aren’t on Fire

Brooklyn Park Fire Chief and President of the Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association T. John Cunningham shares stories from his experiences as a public sector leader and some of the valuable lessons he’s learned. Cunningham also shares his advice on surrounding yourself with supportive peers and keeping your focus on the important things even when the metaphorical fires are all around you.

Season 4, Episode 1 Transcript (pdf)