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Looking for a new way to learn about topics that are important to Minnesota cities? The City Speak podcast provides short takes on city issues — from timely topics like legislative updates, to perennial content like city budgets and collaboration. You’ll hear engaging interviews and firsthand accounts of cities using their heart, hard work, and humanity as they provide excellence in city government across the state.

At less than 30 minutes apiece, you can listen to episodes of The City Speak during your drive time, on your lunch break, or while taking a walk.

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Most recent episodes:

Failing Forward

Baudette Clerk-Treasurer Tina Rennemo chats with us about lessons she’s learned in her career. She shares the importance of learning by making mistakes, and explains how focusing on the great things happening in her city helps her stay positive.

Season 4, Episode 2 Transcript (pdf)


Don’t Lose Sight of the Things That Aren’t on Fire

Brooklyn Park Fire Chief and President of the Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association T. John Cunningham shares stories from his experiences as a public sector leader and some of the valuable lessons he’s learned. Cunningham also shares his advice on surrounding yourself with supportive peers and keeping your focus on the important things even when the metaphorical fires are all around you.

Season 4, Episode 1 Transcript (pdf)


Season 4 Preview: My First Leadership Test and I Didn’t Even Know It

This teaser episode for season four of The City Speak features League of Minnesota Cities Executive Director Dave Unmacht. Dave shares a story about a surprise meeting early in his career where he learned that his transition to a new role was not going well. Hear how that feedback helped to shape his approach to managing and leading in what he considers to be a true “aha” moment in life and leadership.

Season 4 Preview Episode Transcript (pdf)

Highlights from Season 3

Two League Interns Talk Race Equity

League of Minnesota Cities intern and college senior Laurel Poole takes over the hosting duties in this bonus episode, interviewing fellow intern and classmate Elijah Henderson. Henderson spent the summer focusing on research for the League’s race equity initiatives, including conducting interviews with city officials of color. Elijah shares some of the themes he heard in their experiences, and explains how this work has inspired him to become a part of local government.

Season 3 Episode 11 Transcript (pdf)


Protecting the Mental Health of First Responders

Community first responders are repeatedly exposed to trauma, and that trauma can take its toll. Dan Willis, retired police captain and author of Bulletproof Spirit, talks with us about proactive wellness strategies for first responders. He explains the cultural shift needed to emphasize emotional survival as well as physical survival, and how promoting a heart-centered approach to work can help keep those in public safety motivated, inspired, and connected to the true nobility of what it means to be a first responder.

Season 3 Episode 8 Transcript (pdf)


We’ve Got You Covered

Dan Greensweig, administrator of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust, shares some interesting takes on how the Trust partners with cities on managing risk and solving problems. Dan explains how preventing claims is just as important as providing coverage protection, and talks about Trust efforts to help cities deal with some of the bigger challenges and issues they are facing these days.

Season 3 Episode 7 Transcript (pdf)


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