Law Enforcement Emergency Vehicle Operations


The Insurance Trust created this model policy on emergency vehicle operations to help keep agencies’ officers safe, minimize operational liability,…

Published Feb 9, 2023.

Cities and Regulation of Edible Cannabinoid Products

Q&A Get answers to FAQs regarding the new law allowing certain edible and beverage products containing THC extracted from hemp…

Published Jul 15, 2022.

Mental Health Crisis Data

Information Memo

Guidance to help cities lawfully obtain and administer mental health crisis data.

Published Jul 12, 2022.

Best Practices in Law Enforcement Responses to Mental Health Crises

This guide identifies realistic solutions and approaches for addressing challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in mental health crisis response.

Peer Support Standards and Training Guidelines

These guidelines and standards are intended to provide best practices and recommendations for forming and maintaining a peer support structure…

True North Constitutional Police Training

This online training program teaches Minnesota law enforcement officers to embrace constitutional principles in their policing.

PTSD and Mental Health Toolkit Portal

PTSD and other mental health conditions are treatable, and in many cases, preventable.

Published Apr 2, 2021.

Fair Labor Standards Act for Police and Fire Employees

Information Memo

Learn about special issues in applying the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to police and fire employees.

Published Mar 3, 2021.

Police Officer Physical Abilities Test

Learn about a new abilities test for police officer candidates.

Published Feb 12, 2021.

Potential Infectious Disease Exposures in Municipal Operations

Information Memo

Learn about infectious disease vaccinations for city workers, especially tuberculosis (TB) and how it spreads.

Published Jan 15, 2021.