Fair Labor Standards Act for Police and Fire Employees

Informational Memo

Learn about special issues in applying the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to police and fire employees.

Published Jun 9, 2020.

Opioid Epidemic Information and Resources

A listing of reliable resources created by organizations with expertise and experience in responding to the opioid epidemic.

Published Feb 20, 2020.

PATROL—Peace officer Accredited TRaining OnLine

This Insurance Trust program provides law enforcement agencies with extensive web-based courses and helps cities reduce losses related to police…

Published Feb 14, 2020.

Training Safety Officer (TSO) Program

Prevent training injuries to public safety responders through the League Insurance Trust's Training Safety Officer Program.

Potential Infectious Disease Exposures in Municipal Operations

Informational Memo

Learn about infectious disease vaccinations for city workers, especially tuberculosis (TB) and how it spreads.

Published Nov 11, 2019.

Use of Body-Worn Cameras

Informational Memo

Helps cities administer body-worn camera programs and data soundly and in accordance with state law.

Published Oct 9, 2019.

Police Department Management and Liability Issues

Informational Memo

Understand special management challenges for city police department personnel.

Published Apr 20, 2018.

Planning for Critical Incident Responses

Informational Memo

Contains guidance for Minnesota law enforcement agencies on planning for and managing police actions resulting in death or serious injury.

Published Mar 6, 2018.