PTSD and Mental Health Toolkit Portal

PTSD and other mental health conditions are treatable, and in many cases, preventable.

Published Apr 2, 2021.

Handling Media Inquiries About Race Equity Issues in Your City

This guide can help your city communicate and manage media relations when responding to an incident related to race.

Published Mar 24, 2021.

Handbook for Minnesota Cities Chapter 5: Election Procedures

Handbook Chapter

Discusses election procedures, notices, ballot requirements, qualifications and training of election judges, voting and counting procedures.

Published Nov 19, 2020.

City Special Elections

Informational Memo

Understand which election questions are authorized or required by state law and which are not.

Published Nov 19, 2020.

Handbook for Minnesota Cities Chapter 26: Records Management

Handbook Chapter

Defines public records and outlines records management issues including creation, retention, destruction and public inspection rights.

Published Oct 20, 2020.

Calendar of Important Dates

Informational Memo

Provides city officials a reference to some of the more significant dates in their business year.

Published Oct 2, 2020.

IRS Audits of City Payroll

Informational Memo

Prepare for a potential IRS audit or compliance check by learning about common problematic issues for cities.

Published Aug 4, 2020.

Handbook for Minnesota Cities Chapter 8: City Administrative Staff

Handbook Chapter

Learn about the duties of various city officials, the requirements for qualifying for office, and the problem of incompatible offices.

Published Jul 22, 2020.

Race Equity

Resources cities can use to ensure their policies are written and services are provided with racial equity in mind.

Demographics for Cities

Get information and resources to help your city officials and staff understand and respond to demographic changes in your city.