Wanted Items

CIVIL DEFENSE SIREN. Wilder is looking for a used civil defense/tornado siren.  (507) 822-1679. Contact Lou.masters2012@gmail.com.

PICKUP TRUCK. Pemberton is looking for a used single axel, 4 wheel drive pickup truck for plowing and other needs. Please contact Brittany, city clerk, pemberton.city@mchsi.com, or (507) 869-3650.

SKATE PARK EQUIPMENT. Stewartville is looking for used skate park equipment. Please contact Bill Schimmel, city administrator, bschimmel@stewartvillemn.com, or (507) 533-4745.

SNOWBLOWER. Fairfax is seeking a self-contained snowblower for the city’s payloader (wheel loader). Please contact Joel Grejtak, superintendent, jgrejtak@fairfax-mn.gov, or (507) 221-7256.

TORNADO SIREN. Altura is looking for a tornado siren in good working condition.  City of Altura’s email is alturamn@hbci.com or (507) 796-5461.

VAC-CON VACCUM SEWER TRUCK: The City of Long Prairie is looking for a used Vac-Con Vacuum Sewer Truck. Please contact Ted Gray, City Administrator, tgray@cityoflongprairie.com, or 320-732-2167.