Handbook for Minnesota Cities Chapter 2: Change of Boundaries, Status, and Name

Handbook Chapter

Learn the procedures for incorporating, consolidating, and dissolving cities and the related procedures of annexation and concurrently detaching from one…

Published Oct 28, 2020.

Handbook for Minnesota Cities Chapter 15: Environmental Regulations

Handbook Chapter

Find out about the most significant environmental regulations to help protect and improve your city’s natural resources.

Published Oct 27, 2020.

Zoning Guide for Cities

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Learn the framework of municipal zoning and basics of other land use controls available to cities to complement zoning controls.

Published Oct 9, 2020.

Subdivision Guide for Cities

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Learn the framework of municipal subdivision regulation, a basic building block in city land use and development plans.

Published Oct 6, 2020.

Land Use Nonconformities

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What a city can do about land uses or structures that don't comply with its current zoning ordinance.

Published Sep 22, 2020.

Handbook for Minnesota Cities Chapter 13: Comprehensive Planning, Land Use and City Owned Land

Handbook Chapter

Learn about land use ordinances to establish zoning and subdivision regulations, and basics of city land acquisition.

Published Sep 3, 2020.

Planning Commission Guide

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Learn ways the city may create, change or discontinue a city planning commission.

Published Jun 4, 2020.

Taking the Mystery out of Findings of Fact

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Explore how to create a written explanation of a land use decision to make defensible decisions.

Published Apr 15, 2020.

Sign Ordinances and the First Amendment

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Design a sign ordinance for your city that meets First Amendment requirements for protecting various forms of speech.

Published Jul 12, 2019.

Land Use Ordinance Mistakes

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Find and fix common land use mistakes in your city's ordinances.

Published Mar 21, 2019.