Build Your Skills Toolbox

Examples of communication as an elected official include:

  • Being an effective listener.
  • Maintaining composure in crisis or other highly-charged situations.
  • Using different communication tools to engage stakeholders in the community.
  • Modeling good social media use.
  • Communicating reliable information; not misleading the public.
  • Seeking out and listening to broad perspectives.


Communications staff from the League’s Engagement and Learning team are available to answer your questions about media relations and public relations for city officials, and about LMC publications.

Local Media, Social Media, Messaging, Resident Communications, and Crisis Communications

Don Reeder, Public Affairs Coordinator
(651) 215-4031

Julie Liew, Communications Manager
(651) 215-4006

LMC Print and Electronic Publications

Laura Zenz
Digital and Publications Manager
(651) 215-4033


  • In light of judicial and advisory opinions over the past few months, the League has updated its sample Social Media Policy. If your city is active on social media, this document might be worth checking out.



As a League member, you have access to a wide range of educational and networking opportunities.  Find ones that work best for your schedule and learning style.  Learn about ways to build relationships with other elected officials for support and networking. 

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