Final 2020 Law Summaries Now Available

The updated publication now includes laws relevant to cities from the regular session and all seven special sessions.

 The Legislature sent a total of 72 chapters of new law to Gov. Tim Walz during the 2020 regular session and seven special sessions. The League’s 2020 Law Summaries will help you understand how these new laws will affect cities.

The League issued two previous versions of the 2020 Law Summaries with laws from the regular session and first through third special sessions. With this update, laws from the fourth through seventh special sessions have been added, and the publication now includes all 2020 laws of relevance to cities. It also summarizes several bills that did not become law.

While the 2020 Law Summaries publication highlights relevant new laws, it is not intended to be comprehensive legal advice.

View the 2020 Law Summaries (pdf)

Variety of issues covered

This year’s new laws deal with a range of city issues related to the Open Meeting Law, liquor laws, elections, health, pensions, and more. There are also several laws related to COVID-19 response, including workers’ compensation claims, small business assistance, and more.

During the second and third special sessions, the Legislature passed the Police Accountability Act which makes changes to laws governing police conduct, training, and oversight. The Legislature also passed a $1.9 billion bonding bill in the fifth special session, as well as an additional COVID-19 response bill in the seventh special session.

If you have any questions about laws summarized in the 2020 Law Summaries, please contact a member of the League’s Intergovernmental Relations Department. The initials of the best staff member to contact for a particular law are listed at the end of each summary. You can find a key for the initials on page 4 of the 2020 Law Summaries.

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