2020 Law Summaries: A Guide to the New Laws Affecting Cities

The 2020 Law Summaries publication, providing details on laws enacted during the regular and first special sessions, is now available.

The Legislature sent 52 chapters of new law to Gov. Tim Walz during the regular 2020 session and 10 during the first special session. The League’s 2020 Law Summaries will help you understand how these new laws will affect cities. The publication highlights relevant new laws but is not intended to be comprehensive legal advice.

—View the 2020 Law Summaries (pdf)

This year’s new laws deal with a range of city issues related to the Open Meeting Law, liquor laws, elections, health, pensions, and more. There are also several laws related to COVID-19 response, including workers’ compensation claims, small business assistance, and more.

Please note that because of the fluid nature of the Legislature this year, the 2020 Law Summaries document may be subject to change due to anticipated additional special sessions. For further reading on law changes impacting cities, see the League’s Focus on New Laws articles and Legislative News.

If you have any questions about new laws summarized in the 2020 Law Summaries, please contact a member of the League’s Intergovernmental Relations Department. The initials of the best staff member to contact for a particular law are listed at the end of each summary. You can find a key for the initials on page 3 of the 2020 Law Summaries.