General Operational Issues During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding general council and city operational issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published Mar 21, 2020.

Race Equity

Find out about resources cities can use to ensure their policies are written and services provided with racial equity in…

Published Feb 15, 2020.

GARE Cohort Participants

About 35 Minnesota cities participated in race equity training cohorts in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Published Feb 15, 2020.

Demographics for Cities

Get information and resources to help your city officials and staff understand and respond to demographic changes in your city.

Published Feb 15, 2020.

Resources on Demographic Change

Get resources on demographic topics, including aging populations, younger generations, and immigration.

Published Feb 15, 2020.

2020 Census

Get information on training opportunities and other resources to help your city prepare for the 2020 census.

Published Feb 15, 2020.

OSA Performance Measurement Program

Read about the Council on Local Results and Innovation performance measurement program and how it can help your city.

Published Feb 13, 2020.

Collaboration Services

This service for Insurance Trust (LMCIT) members helps city councils work together, understand roles, be transparent, and avoid conflict.

Published Feb 11, 2020.

Resources for Newly Elected City Officials

Resources to help newly elected city officials prepare for their new roles in city government.

Published Jan 2, 2020.

Management of Personnel Files

Informational Memo

Find out what records should be in a personnel file, and which should be in other special types of files.

Published Dec 30, 2019.