The words Mayor for a Day Essay Contest are written on a green chalkboard in chalk.What would our cities look like if kids were in charge?

Find out by having students you know take part in the 2020 Mayor for a Day Essay Contest! Open to Minnesotans who will be in the fourth, fifth, or sixth grades this school year, entries must be emailed or postmarked by Dec. 7. Three winners will be chosen and awarded $100, as well as have their essays published in Minnesota Cities magazine. Winners only will be notified in early January.

This school year is a unique one — with some students going to school in person, some attending school virtually, and some doing a combination of the two. Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, or teacher, we think this essay contest could fit well into a social studies unit or be a nice extracurricular option!

What does a mayor do anyway?

How can you submit your essays?

There are three ways to send us your students’ essays.

  • Submit online – students can enter their essays into this online form and submit them directly to us.
  • Print and mail it – you may print this document for students to handwrite their essays and then mail them in.
  • Email as an attachment – students can type their essays into this fillable PDF, save the document, and then email them to us.

Minnesota mayors: How can you help?