Build Your Skills Toolbox

Examples of financial literacy as an elected official include:

  • Creating an environment in which financial transparency is valued.
  • Analyzing trends that will affect the budget.
  • Being a good steward of the public’s resources.
  • Preparing your city to meet future needs.


League staff are available to answer your questions, share examples from cities around the state, and give you updates on legislation that affects city operations. Here are some key contacts for you:

Financial Solutions for Your City

Lisa Sova, Assistant Finance Director – Outreach
(651) 281-1208

Budgeting for Salaries/Benefits or Health Insurance Coverage for Employees

Human Resources
(651) 281-1200

Information on Legislative Activity Relating to Taxes, State Aid, Pensions, or Tax Increment Financing

Nathan Jesson, Intergovernmental Relations Representative
(651) 281-1262

Calculating Property Tax Rates or Looking at Levy History

Rachel Walker, Data and Evaluation Manager
(651) 281-1236

Other Financial Literacy Questions

Submit a question to the League’s inquiry service.


The League’s website features several important resources for elected officials that you can explore as needed.

Paying for City Services gives you access to information on property taxes, Local Government Aid (LGA), and more.



As a League member, you have access to a wide range of educational and networking opportunities.  Find ones that work best for your schedule and learning style.  Learn about ways to build relationships with other elected officials for support and networking. 

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