Securing Payment of Utility Charges

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Learn about setting rates for municipal utilities, on what basis cities may make charges, and method for collecting payments due.

Published Dec 22, 2022.

Handbook for Minnesota Cities Chapter 23: Debt and Borrowing

Handbook Chapter

Describes legal aspects of debt and borrowing such as laws governing bonds, debt service funds, and the impact of federal…

Published Dec 21, 2022.

Handbook for Minnesota Cities Chapter 21: Property Tax Levy

Handbook Chapter

Learn about the city’s authority to tax and the property tax process including assessment, valuation and classification of property.

Published Oct 19, 2022.

Handbook for Minnesota Cities Chapter 19: Sources of Revenue

Handbook Chapter

Learn about major sources of revenue for cities you can consider in developing and implementing a city budget.

Published Sep 21, 2022.

Property Tax Reports

Helps you prepare city budgets, communicate with city residents, and understand how the tax base and rates change over time.

Process to Obtain Local Sales Tax Authority

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Cities need to follow strict rules and procedures to get legislative authority for the creation of a local sales tax.

Published May 25, 2022.

American Rescue Plan Act Final Rule Highlights

Get an overview of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Final Rule and view a video and infographic that provide…

Published Feb 24, 2022.

Property Tax Calculator

This interactive tool allows users to compare the property tax data by year, city, regions, and population.

Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud

Get tips to avoid Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) fraud, and access a model policy on Safe Electronic Transfers and Payments…

Published Sep 13, 2021.

State Homeowner Property Tax Relief Programs 101

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Provides an overview of the different property tax relief mechanisms available to Minnesota homeowners.

Published Jul 26, 2021.