Build Your Skills Toolbox

Examples of equity and inclusion as an elected official include:

  • Taking action to demonstrate a commitment to inclusion and equity in your city.
  • Reviewing policies for fair and equitable outcomes.
  • Building an inclusive workforce that represents the community.
  • Ensuring city services are accessible and welcoming to all community members.
  • Intentionally seeking authentic input into city policies from a wide range of voices and backgrounds.


League staff are available to answer your questions, share examples from cities around the state, and give you updates on legislation that affects city operations.

Community Engagement & Race Equity

Arianna Bloom, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator
(651) 281-1226

Employees & Diversity

Human Resources
(651) 281-1200

Other Questions

Send a question to the League’s Research & Information Service.


The League’s website features several important resources for elected officials that you can explore as needed.

  • Good Start to Good Governance (pdf) includes excerpts from League resources to help you start strong in your new role.
  • The Minnesota Mayors Handbook — a product of the Minnesota Mayors Association, in cooperation with the League — is a starting point for all you need to learn to be a successful mayor. It also includes a discussion of ethics and ethical leadership.
  • Resources for councils provide in-depth discussions of practical topics.



As a League member, you have access to a wide range of educational and networking opportunities. Find ones that work best for your schedule and learning style. Learn about ways to build relationships with other elected officials for support and networking. 

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