PATROL—Peace officer Accredited TRaining OnLine

To help cities reduce losses related to police liability, LMCIT has developed PATROL—Peace officer Accredited TRaining OnLine. While PATROL delivers up to 12 new POST-accredited courses per year, subscribers can earn up to 50 POST credits per year when they also take PATROL training on POST mandates for use of force, autism, and crisis intervention and mental illness crisis; conflict management and mediation; and implicit bias, community diversity, and cultural differences; OSHA standards; critical knowledge; and a five-part series on management and leadership. Over 35 courses are also approved for continuing education credits for EMSRB Certification.

Peace officers earn credits anytime, anywhere they have internet access, saving departments fuel and travel expenses. Subscriptions include legal updates on court cases, access to an online library, and legal briefs for chiefs, sheriffs, and attorneys.

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Continuing education courses

PATROL helps officers stay current on Minnesota legal issues and is based on Minnesota case law. Content is developed with input from police liability experts, insurance defense attorneys, and local law enforcement agencies. Courses are approved for one POST credit.

Stay current on legal issues

With PATROL courses, you can begin working toward your mandates, as well as other continuing education requirements. With each new course released, we will define exactly which learning objectives the course meets. All courses are approved for one continuing education credit, with the exception of the five-part series, True North Constitutional Policing (a five-credit series).

The following categories of courses are available from PATROL:

  • Crisis, Conflict, Community Diversity: Includes courses that meet the new 16 Mandatory Learning Objectives for crisis intervention and mental illness crises; conflict management and mediation; and implicit bias, community diversity, and cultural differences.
  • Autism: Includes courses that meet the new four training mandates for Autism.
  • Use of Force: A three-part series of training on use of force that helps law enforcement agencies meet some of the mandated POST training requirements.
  • Critical Knowledge: Includes courses on core topics that will help you build critical job skills and knowledge such as Miranda; To Serve, Protect, and Document; Immigration Law; and Critical Incidents.
  • OSHA: Includes courses that will help you meet OSHA training standards.
  • Supervision and Leadership Series: PATROL also makes available a five-part advanced supervision and leadership series.

Subscription prices recognize budget pressures

The web-based training format means officers can take training anytime and anywhere they have access to an internet connection. The cost is $90 per officer per year for League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust and Minnesota County Intergovernmental Trust members.

Course materials available to officers, attorneys

Each PATROL course is supported by legal memos. Updates on developments and case law changes are highlighted on the PATROL News page. In addition, city and county legal advisors and prosecutors also can get PATROL legal briefs, allowing key staff to simultaneously be kept up to date with the same information from the same source.

PATROL partners with law enforcement and county organizations

PATROL is supported by the Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust, the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association, and the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association.