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City Government and the First Amendment

Primary audience

Elected officials, city staff

Course time

25 minutes Stock image of an open law book beside a wooden gavel and sound block.

This course will cover what the First Amendment is and how it applies to city governments.

By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Identify the five basic parts of the First Amendment
  • Explore some of the ways that residents of your city might exercise each of the freedoms protected by the First Amendment
  • Recognize that cities play a vital role in upholding constitutional rights
  • Preserve first amendment rights while maintaining city governance (a delicate balance that requires careful navigation).
  • Understand best practices for preventing and handling first amendment issues

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Note: This course is the first in a series on city government and the First Amendment. More specialized courses will soon become available. These more advanced courses will equip you with comprehensive knowledge and practical strategies to help you navigate the complex landscape of First Amendment challenges.

Subject Matter Expert

Tori Kee, Staff Attorney – League of Minnesota Cities


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