From the Bench

Sep-Oct 2022

US Supreme Court Holds That City Violated First Amendment

Read about recent court cases dealing with first amendment, sign code, and more.

Jul-Aug 2022

US Supreme Court Upholds Censure of College Board Member

Read about recent court cases dealing with absentee ballot boards, constitutional law, public easements, and more.

May-Jun 2022

City’s Zoning Variance Denial Upheld by MN Court of Appeals

Read about recent court cases dealing with city zoning, Perham hospital district, park dedication fees, and more.

Mar-Apr 2022

MN Supreme Court Upholds City Ballot Question Language

Read about recent court cases dealing with election law, governmental immunities, and land use.

Jan-Feb 2022

Court of Appeals Reverses City’s Public Nuisance Resolution

Read about recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities.

Nov-Dec 2021

Police Sued for Actions Taken During ‘Welfare Check’

City of Minneapolis police officers who were conducting a welfare check entered Teresa Graham’s home without a warrant, seized her,…

Sep-Oct 2021

Establishment of Absentee Ballot Boards Is Upheld

The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that the petitioners had failed to establish that the governing bodies had violated any…

Jul-Aug 2021

Police Officer Sued for Off-Duty Actions: Is the City Liable?

Police officer sued for off-duty actions: is the city liable?…

May-Jun 2021

Public Official Sued for Blocking Citizen on Twitter

Read about a public official sued for blocking citizen on twitter, and more.

Mar-Apr 2021

Court Upholds Local Government Sign Ordinance

Read about recent court cases dealing with sign ordinances, appeals, qualified immunity, and more.