From the Bench

May-Jun 2022

City’s Zoning Variance Denial Upheld by MN Court of Appeals

Read about recent court cases dealing with city zoning, Perham hospital district, park dedication fees, and more.

Mar-Apr 2022

MN Supreme Court Upholds City Ballot Question Language

Read about recent court cases dealing with election law, governmental immunities, and land use.

Jan-Feb 2022

Court of Appeals Reverses City’s Public Nuisance Resolution

Read about recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities.

Nov-Dec 2021

Police Sued for Actions Taken During ‘Welfare Check’

City of Minneapolis police officers who were conducting a welfare check entered Teresa Graham’s home without a warrant, seized her,…

Sep-Oct 2021

Establishment of Absentee Ballot Boards Is Upheld

The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that the petitioners had failed to establish that the governing bodies had violated any…

Jul-Aug 2021

Police Officer Sued for Off-Duty Actions: Is the City Liable?

Police officer sued for off-duty actions: is the city liable?…

May-Jun 2021

Public Official Sued for Blocking Citizen on Twitter

Read about a public official sued for blocking citizen on twitter, and more.

Mar-Apr 2021

Court Upholds Local Government Sign Ordinance

Read about recent court cases dealing with sign ordinances, appeals, qualified immunity, and more.

Jan-Feb 2021

City Sued for Prohibiting the Sale of Flavored Tobacco

Read about recent court cases dealing with federal preemption, governmental immunities, Open Meeting Law, constitutional law, and land use.

Nov-Dec 2020

Court: Landfills Deserve Special Land Use Consideration

Read about recent court cases dealing with land use, data practices, constitutional law, qualified immunity, and forfeiture law.