Focus on Small Cities

Mar-Apr 2021

Striking a Balance: Small-City Clerks Create Boundaries Around Work, Personal Lives

City employees have to be on call for emergencies but many funnel routine issues into business hours.

Jan-Feb 2021

Wells Saves Money and Energy With LED Lights

Wells' citywide LED light initiative is expected to save at least $15,000 annually, while creating safe and more attractive city…

Nov-Dec 2020

LeRoy Gets Active With Wheels-to-Go Bike Program

Last year, LeRoy started a Wheels-to-Go Bike Program that lends bikes of all sizes free of charge.

Sep-Oct 2020

Small Cities Step Up for Sustainability

Many small cities in Minnesota have found ways to be more environmentally conscious, even with few resources and a small…

May-Jun 2020

Creating a Town Team for Economic Development

It takes a team approach to develop business opportunities in small cities.

Mar-Apr 2020

Tips for Finding and Applying for Grants

If you can find the right funding source for your community needs, grants are worth the effort.

Nov-Dec 2019

Clarks Grove Builds a Better Fire Station

Years of saving allowed the city to close the funding gap on the new building without raising taxes.

Sep-Oct 2019

Bird Island Sees Brighter Future for Main Street

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota's Minnesota Main Street program helps communities maximize their people and built assets.

Jul-Aug 2019

MnDOT Road Projects Help Two Small Cities Revitalize Downtown

Parkers Prairie and Battle Lake reimagined their state trunk highway projects to enhance safety, economic development, and aesthetics.