Focus on Small Cities

May-June 2023

Small Cities Tackle Large Projects With Grants

Cromwell’s success illustrates the importance of grants to small cities.

Mar-Apr 2023

Sartell Partners with School District for IT Assistance

The City of Sartell, in partnership with school district technology staff, has developed a successful solution to meet their IT…

Jan-Feb 2023

Bigfork Steps Up to the Plate for Community

Joe Zimmer and his public works team stepped up to build a new softball complex for the City of Bigfork.

Nov-Dec 2022

City of Gary Reimagines 160 Acres of Forest

The City of Gary turned 160 acres of donated land into a multi-use recreational area.

Sep-Oct 2022

City of Warren Adopts Flexible Work Culture

The City of Warren implemented a hybrid work-from-home policy and it led to filling the role with someone who otherwise…

Jul-Aug 2022

Iron Range Cities Receive Federal Funds for Critical Projects

Hundreds of millions of federal dollars are coming to Minnesota cities from the 2022 CDS program for water and sewer…

May-Jun 2022

City Partnership Shines a Light on Manufacturing Careers

The City of Norwood forged a partnership with Central Public Schools and local businesses to show high school students a…

Mar-Apr 2022

Ottertail Initiative Aims to Address Housing Shortage

City of Ottertail leaders came up with the “Building Big” program, which they hope encourages people to build homes.

Jan-Feb 2022

Tracy Creating Comprehensive Plan to Keep City Vibrant and Growing

The city of Tracy is creating a new comprehensive plan which will outline what its goals are and how it…

Nov-Dec 2021

Regional Safety Groups: Making Required Safety Training Affordable

The city of Ellsworth is part of the Southwest Regional Safety Group (RSG) where small cities band together to more…