Letter of the Law

Sep-Oct 2020

Variances and Nonconformities: Understanding Land Use Terms

Land use decisions are easier to make with an understanding of variances and nonconforming uses.

Jul-Aug 2020

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Civil Rights Laws

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things, but it hasn’t changed state or federal civil rights laws.

May-Jun 2020

Law Enforcement Use of Drones: Do You Have Your Warrant?

Having a policy helps avoid Fourth Amend­ment violations, guide employee use, and create public trust.

Mar-Apr 2020

Police and Social Media: How to Prevent and Prepare for Problems

Cities and police departments can take steps to prevent social media controversies from occurring and address them if they arise.

Jan-Feb 2020

Basic Employment Laws for City Supervisors

Help keep your city out of legal trouble by making sure your city’s supervisors understand these employment laws.

Nov-Dec 2019

ADA Considerations for Municipal Liquor Stores

Services offered by municipal liquor stores must comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Sep-Oct 2019

Website Photos—Is Your City Violating Copyright Laws?

Make sure you consider the copyright implications of any images you use on your city website.

Jul-Aug 2019

Guiding Employees Through the Medicare Maze

Use this Medicare primer to provide guidance to employees nearing retirement.

May-Jun 2019

Understanding Tribal Sovereign Rights

If you have any tribes/reservations within your city limits, it’s important to understand tribal sovereignty.

Mar-Apr 2019

Strategies for Successful City Council Meetings

Meeting management skills can help your council avoid disruption and conflict in the decision-making process.