Letter of the Law

May-Jun 2022

When and Why Should Your City Amend Its Zoning Ordinance?

The city’s zoning code is an important document, but it should not and cannot be written in stone. Ordinances may…

Mar-Apr 2022

Preparing Your City for an Emergency

It's important for every city to maintain and review emergency preparedness plans.

Jan-Feb 2022

Employee Compensation Laws Cities Need to Know

When it comes to employee compensation issues like equity and wage discrimination there are just a few primary laws for…

Nov-Dec 2021

Legal Requirements for Remote City Meetings

Remote meetings require cities to follow specific statutory procedures depending on how technology is being used.

Sep-Oct 2021

Land Use Ordinances Require Ongoing Review

Regulating the use of private property through zoning and subdivision ordinances is a tool cities use to create comprehensive plans…

Jul-Aug 2021

How to Avoid Mental Health Discrimination in Your Workplace

Answers to a few common mental illness employment-related questions your city staff may experience like anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or…

May-Jun 2021

Legal Requirements for Avoiding and Responding to Cyberattacks

Legal Requirements for Avoiding and Responding to Cyberattacks.

Mar-Apr 2021

Can Cities Require Employees to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Many cities are wondering if they can legally require employees to be vaccinated.

Jan-Feb 2021

Legal Considerations for Video Job Interviews

Conducting video job interviews has its advantages, but cities should be sure to avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Nov-Dec 2020

To Release or Not to Release? That Is the Body Camera Question

Body cameras create a new kind of data, which creates new responsibilities under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.