Message Matters

Mar-Apr 2021

Study Reveals Tips for Effective COVID-19 Communication

A recent report reveals language about COVID-19 that political and health leaders can use to reach all audiences, build trust…

Jan-Feb 2021

Flexibility Is Key to Communicating Through COVID-19

Plymouth's clear communications helped reassure the community during a frightening and unfamiliar situation.

Nov-Dec 2020

‘Brand Book’ Helps Keep Everyone in Edina on the Same Page

The Brand Book includes concise information on the City of Edina brand, city seal, other city logos, colors, typography, imagery,…

Sep-Oct 2020

Victoria Website Redesign Improves User and Staff Experience

The city of Victoria's website redesign improves the user experience, providing several features to speed users to their destination.

Jul-Aug 2020

Brochure Delivers Complex Message in a Compelling Way

This innovative mailer won a 2019 Northern Lights Award from the Minnesota Association of Government Communicators for best one-page communications…

May-Jun 2020

Tips for Promoting Civility and Clear Communication During the Pandemic

Now more than ever, citizens need civility in government to work as the glue to hold things together.

Mar-Apr 2020

Make Your City Website Easy to Read

Use these techniques, and your web visitors will easily get your message.

Jan-Feb 2020

A Social Media Roadmap for Elected City Officials

These steps can help elected officials build a social media presence that supports their goals while avoiding pitfalls.

Nov-Dec 2019

Take Steps Now Toward Digital Accessibility

Learn about five steps any city can implement now to provide reasonable access to web-based public services.

Sep-Oct 2019

How Minnetonka Recruited More Firefighter Candidates Than Ever

A marketing campaign successfully helped the City of Minnetonka reach a strong class of new recruits.