Message Matters

May-Jun 2022

Taking a Proactive Team Approach to Crisis Communications in Your City

When a crisis happens in your community, it typically calls for an “all-hands-on-deck” situation at city hall.

Mar-Apr 2022

If Your City’s in the Spotlight, Make Sure It Shines

Get tips on effective communications around special events.

Jan-Feb 2022

How to Engage Legislators and Advocate for Your City

The work of the state Legislature can have a big impact on your city, so it’s important for you to…

Nov-Dec 2021

How to Handle Negative Social Media Comments

Government communicators encounter many different types of negative replies on social media. How you respond to negative comments says a…

Sep-Oct 2021

State of the City Address Serves to Connect With Your Community

Communicating with residents is one of the most important things a city does. Read about how the city of Maple…

Jul-Aug 2021

Eden Prairie Podcast: Shifting Gears From Eyes to Ears

Eden Prairie podcast: shifting gears from eyes to ears.

May-Jun 2021

Simple Tips to Help Anyone Make Videos Like a Pro

With a little effort, your city can create web-friendly videos without hiring a professional producer, even on a shoestring budget.

Mar-Apr 2021

Study Reveals Tips for Effective COVID-19 Communication

A recent report reveals language about COVID-19 that political and health leaders can use to reach all audiences, build trust…

Jan-Feb 2021

Flexibility Is Key to Communicating Through COVID-19

Plymouth's clear communications helped reassure the community during a frightening and unfamiliar situation.

Nov-Dec 2020

‘Brand Book’ Helps Keep Everyone in Edina on the Same Page

The Brand Book includes concise information on the City of Edina brand, city seal, other city logos, colors, typography, imagery,…