Director's Message

May-Jun 2024

Minnesota’s Early Connection and Continued Collaboration With NLC

Founded 100 years ago, the National League of Cities is a top resource and advocate for nearly 3,000 cities.

Mar-Apr 2024

Are We Being Good Ancestors?

Inviting people to participate, by giving people a chance to gather, we share the responsibility we have to one another…

Jan-Feb 2024

Make Your Voices Heard at the Legislature This Session

The 2024 legislative session convenes Feb. 12. Read about how local officials can be involved in decision making by lawmakers.

Nov-Dec 2023

Stepping Up When Duty Calls

Luke Fischer reminds us of the important work our city workers, police officers, and fire fighters do, often without recognition,…

Sep-Oct 2023

An Ode to Local Leaders and All the Work That You Do

Luke Fischer talks about local leaders and the important work they do.

July-August 2023

Understanding Your ‘Why’

Luke Fischer begins his position as Executive Director, League of Minnesota Cities.