Two-Way Street

May-June 2023

Why Did Your City Decide to Allow Chickens?

Staff from Dayton and Monticello talk about allowing chickens in their cities.

Mar-Apr 2023

How Does Your City Handle Sidewalk Maintenance?

Staff from Grand Rapids and Coon Rapids talk about sidewalk maintenance.

Jan-Feb 2023

How Does Your City Handle Delinquent Utility Payments?

Staff from Champlin and Staples talk about handling delinquent utility payments.

Nov-Dec 2022

How Are Inflation and Interest Rates Impacting Your Financial Planning?

Staff from Windom and Minnetonka talk about how inflation and interest rates impact financial planning.

Sep-Oct 2022

Does a Relaxed Dress Code Make Sense for Your City?

Staff from Edina and Mankato talk about returning to work and what to wear.

Jul-Aug 2022

What’s New in Your City’s Parks & Rec Department?

Staff from Maple Grove and Milaca talk about what's new in their city’s Parks & Rec department.

May-Jun 2022

How Has Your City Used a DEED Redevelopment Grant?

Staff from Owatonna and Renville describe how their cities used a DEED redevelopment grant.

Mar-Apr 2022

Has Your City Restricted the Sale of Flavored Tobacco?

Staff from Columbia Heights and Lilydale describe the move to restrict flavored tobacco sales.

Jan-Feb 2022

How Did Your City Begin Accepting Electronic Payments?

Staff from Rainier and Round Lake describe the move to electronic payments.

Nov-Dec 2021

What Recent Clean Energy Project Has Your City Done?

Staff from Barnesville and La Crescent describe clean energy projects.