Two-Way Street

May-Jun 2020

Has a Previous Emergency Informed Your Response to COVID-19?

City officials from St. Peter and Alexandria share how past emergencies have informed their response to COVID-19.

Mar-Apr 2020

How Did Your City Complete a Tree Inventory?

City officials from Shorewood and Royalton share how they completed a tree inventory and why.

Jan-Feb 2020

How Has Your City Used a Regional Arts Council Grant?

Representatives from the cities of North Branch and Elbow Lake explain how they used a Regional Arts Council Grant.

Nov-Dec 2019

How Does Your City Coordinate Its GreenStep Cities Program?

Scandia and Crosslake volunteers explain how they administer their sustainability work.

Sep-Oct 2019

How Does Your City Use the LMC Salary & Benefits Survey?

Staff from the cities of Chatfield and Coon Rapids share how they use salary survey data.

Jul-Aug 2019

Has Your City Made Improvements to Its Municipal Airport?

Staff from the cities of Redwood Falls and Mora explain their airport improvement projects.

May-Jun 2019

Does Your City Have a Short-Term Rental Ordinance?

Staff from Two Harbors and Prior Lake explain their cities' short-term rental ordinances.

Mar-Apr 2019

Has Your City Used a Community Development Block Grant?

City staff from Farmington and Winton share what it is like to use CDBG grants.

Jan-Feb 2019

How Is Your City’s Relationship With the Local College?

Officials from Canby and Staples discuss their cities' partnerships with local colleges.

Nov-Dec 2018

How Does Your City Conduct Required Safety Training?

Staff from Annandale and Wilmont explain how their cities participate in LMCIT Regional Safety Groups.