St. Paul to City Hall

Sep-Oct 2020

How Are You Doing — Really?

Unlike any other time in our lives, a deeper understanding is needed to fully reveal the answer to the question,…

Jul-Aug 2020

Let’s Make the Most of This Opportunity for Change

How do we ensure this is our watershed moment?…

May-Jun 2020

Lessons Learned (So Far) From Pandemic Management

Executive Director David Unmacht share a few lessons learned about early pandemic management.

Mar-Apr 2020

The Art of Public Speaking

Successful public speaking requires practice, self-confidence, opportunities, and a routine that works.

Jan-Feb 2020

The Importance of City Advocacy at the Capitol

Legislators want and need to hear directly from city officials.

Nov-Dec 2019

Embracing the Value of Change

The League is making a few changes that will benefit members.

Sep-Oct 2019

This Club Shares Ideas to Help Cities Thrive

State municipal league executive directors get together regularly to learn from one another and share ideas.

Jul-Aug 2019

The Rewards of Mentoring Future City Leaders

LMC Executive Director David Unmacht explains why developing mentorship opportunities is a priority for the League.

May-Jun 2019

Thanks to Our Friends in Public Works

Executive Director David Unmacht reflects on the rough winter we shared.

Mar-Apr 2019

LMCIT Services—Evolving With the Times

David Unmacht shares three ways that LMCIT is working to be responsive to evolving city needs.