NIOSH Offers Landscaping and Grounds Management Partnership Opportunity

July 17, 2023

Person shown mowing lawn on rider lawnmower.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is conducting voluntary studies to further evaluate potential landscaping and grounds management hazards.

NIOSH wants to hear from city employees who handle lawnmowers, trimmers, spreaders, tillers, chainsaws, etc. while performing field/park maintenance, landscaping, and groundskeeping services for your city.

NIOSH states, “Although over 1.2 million Americans are employed as landscaping and grounds management workers, very little health and safety research has been performed in these fields.” Your city can help NIOSH close the research gap on potential health hazards associated with dush, chemicals, emissions, noise, etc. by sharing your city employees’ experiences today!

For more information, please see the linked document or contact NIOSH Senior Service Fellow Barbara M. Alexander, PhD, PE, CIH at 513-841-4581 or