State Grant Opportunities

Potential state government sources for city grant opportunities.

Published Feb 10, 2020.

Private Foundation Grant Opportunities

Potential private foundation resources for city grant opportunities.

Published Feb 10, 2020.

Sources for Grant Opportunities

Potential sources providing grants to cities.

Published Feb 10, 2020.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Decertification

This economic development tool can affect a city's tax base and LGA distribution when its districts are decertified.

Fiscal Disparities Program

Data to help set the preliminary budget levy for metro or Iron Range cities participating in the fiscal disparities program.

Property Tax Calculator

This interactive tool allows users to compare the property tax data by year, city, regions, and population.

Published Jan 31, 2020.

Property Tax Reports

Helps you prepare city budgets, communicate with city residents, and understand how the tax base and rates change over time.

State Homeowner Property Tax Relief Programs 101

Informational Memo

Provides an overview of the different property tax relief mechanisms available to Minnesota homeowners.

Published Oct 25, 2019.

Property Taxation 101

Informational Memo

Describes the basic mechanics of Minnesota's property tax system, including a glossary of terms.

Published Oct 25, 2019.

Homestead Market Value Exclusion 101

Informational Memo

An overview of the homestead market value exclusion program.

Published Oct 24, 2019.