League Board Adopts 2021 Legislative Priorities

The League Board of Directors adopted a largely encompassing set of three legislative priorities on Nov. 12. The priorities will help focus the League’s advocacy efforts during the 2021 legislative session, which begins on Jan. 5.

The legislative priorities are based on the Board’s assessment of member interest as well as anticipated legislative issue areas for cities for the 2021 session.

The three priorities do not reflect the entire scope of the League’s anticipated activities at the Legislature during the 2021 legislative session. Additionally, the list may be modified by Board action.

The three priorities for 2021 are:

Allow cities to adequately navigate and respond to economic challenges.

Due to the projected state budget deficit for fiscal year 2022-2023, League IGR staff will focus on protecting, preserving, and defending the ability of cities to adequately finance and provide important municipal services. This includes advocating for funding of local government aid, defending against unfunded mandates, and preserving city authority to establish and collect infrastructure fees.

Ensure cities have tools to effectively respond to COVID-19 and manage city operations.

The pandemic has created an unprecedented strain on city budgets and operations as cities work tirelessly to provide services to residents. To do so, cities must retain local control and flexibility in conducting city operations in an open and transparent way. Cities must also have direct access to state and federal funds to continue to respond to COVID-19.

Partner to create safe and inclusive communities and address racial inequities.

Recent events in Minnesota and across the country, including the killing of George Floyd, have brought to the forefront of community conversations, public policy considerations, and legislative priorities, the issues surrounding systemic racial inequities in communities across Minnesota and the nation. As city leaders explore, plan, and respond to critical issues of cultural diversity, socio-economic disparities, education, and income inequalities, a stronger state partnership is needed to address issues related to policing, housing, and employment practices.

View the 2021 Legislative Priorities one-pager (pdf)

LMC City Policies also available

The League Board also approved the LMC 2021 City Policies on Nov. 12. This publication outlines LMC legislative positions on a wide range of topics.

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