IRS Audits of City Payroll

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Prepare for a potential IRS audit or compliance check by learning about common problematic issues for cities.

Published May 15, 2023.

Fair Labor Standards Act: Determining Exempt versus Non-Exempt Status

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Determine which employees are covered (non-exempt) and which employees are not (exempt) under this federal law.

Published Mar 15, 2023.

Fair Labor Standards Act: Compensation for Travel Time

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Learn when compensation must be paid to non-exempt employees who travel for work purposes.

Published Feb 1, 2023.

Employment-Related Important Dates and Reminders

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A calendar of important dates related to compensation, benefits and other Human Resources areas for city employees.

Published Jan 23, 2023.

Fair Labor Standards Act: An Overview

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Describes the most common employee protections under this federal law requiring a minimum wage and overtime compensation.

Published Aug 23, 2022.

HR Reference Manual Chapter 4: Compensation

HR Reference Manual

Learn effective and legal compensation practices and policies such as minimum wage and overtime laws, pay increases and payroll issues.

Published Aug 23, 2022.

Salary & Benefits Survey Information and Login

Participate in the survey and access results.


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Understand state law requirements for payment of wages.

Published Mar 8, 2021.

Fair Labor Standards Act for Police and Fire Employees

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Learn about special issues in applying the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to police and fire employees.

Published Mar 3, 2021.

Fair Labor Standards Act: Compensation for Lectures, Meetings and Training Programs

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Determine when compensation must be paid for non-exempt employees who attend lectures, meetings, and training programs.

Published Jan 22, 2021.