Local Government Salary & Benefits Survey Data Is Available

The League of Minnesota Cites and the Association of the Minnesota Counties are delighted to announce the 2024 Local Government Salary & Benefits survey is ready for review by participating agencies. Emails with a link to the survey platform and the user credentials were distributed on June 20, 2024, to organizations that participated in the survey.

If your organization participated in the survey, access the survey (password protected).

About the survey

  • We have pivoted from an update anytime during the year survey to a once-a-year window to update data.  That process allows for a more robust data validation procedure to build greater confidence in data reliability. 
  • Participation in the survey is required for free access. An annual fee will be charged for nonparticipating entities or other organizations requesting access. To purchase access to the 2024 survey, view the request to purchase access form (doc) or contact League HR staff for more information at HRBenefits@lmc.org.
  • This survey tool will allow you to compare salaries and benefits of your staff to those of other city and county organizations throughout Minnesota.
  • Over 400 Minnesota cities and counties (Greater Minnesota and the metro area), as well as other public-sector organizations are included in the 2024 survey.
  • We are committed to providing a reliable and intuitive platform from which to pull reports, that said, Gallagher, the survey administrator, will also provide a webinar to review the survey reporting dashboard on June 24, 2024, at 10 a.m. Agencies who participated in the survey received a link to the webinar along with their survey credentials on June 20. If you are not able to attend this webinar, this session will be recorded and linked on this page.
  • Please contact Jessica Nikunen (jessica_nikunen@ajg.com) for any general questions about the survey.
  • Please contact Thomas Cummins (thomas_cummins@ajg.com) regarding survey specific questions.
  • Please contact Cynthia Dolan (Cynthia_Dolan@ajg.com) with survey dashboard questions.

Disclaimer: The League provides the salary survey program to facilitate the exchange of information among elected officials and management of participating organizations. The League program relies on sophisticated methodology and proprietary technology. The League owns the salary survey program, and each organization is responsible for its own data. Participating organizations are expected to allow access to elected officials and select management staff only.