Collaboration Services

The League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust Collaboration Services will work with you to get your city council the help it needs to identify barriers, work together, understand roles, be transparent, and avoid conflict. Pam Whitmore, a qualified neutral, licensed attorney, and experienced facilitator, offers personalized workshops and facilitated discussions to help get, and keep, your city on track. There is no charge for this service for Trust members.

Find out more about Collaboration Services in this printable flyer.

If your city has a conflict.

The Trust’s Collaboration Services will help your city officials learn how to work together better, engage more respectfully, and get the tools needed to govern more effectively. Cities reach out for assistance for a variety of issues, including:

  • When your city is having issues with communication and trust
  • If your city officials have problems understanding roles and responsibilities
  • If your city struggles with complex topics like the Open Meeting Law or data practices
  • When your city council could benefit from learning how to work within conflict or collaborate after conflict

If your city wants to prevent conflict from happening.

The Trust’s Collaboration Services offers tools to help everyone work toward an integrative solution. Workshops can cover a wide range of topics to help keep your city running effectively, including:

  • Learning communication skills to better engage in discussions
  • Developing an understanding on how to work collaboratively
  • Understanding how to respectfully have difficult conversations
  • Fine tuning good governance of your council
  • Helping address meeting management, including if when council meetings run too long or are unproductive

If your city needs assistance with specific issues.

The Trust’s Collaboration Services can get you the assistance you need. Cities sometimes experience conflict when a lack of understanding of new and difficult issues cause distrust. The Trust’s Collaboration Resources can connect you to additional resources, including:

  • Finding a mentor for your city
  • Getting referrals for topics with which your city needs help
  • Sharing written resources from other cities
  • Providing mediation services
  • Learning about codes of conduct or censure

For assistance with any of these challenges, contact Pam Whitmore, Collaboration and Mediation Manager, at (651) 281-1224 or Pam is a qualified neutral—this means she is trained in alternative dispute-resolution processes—and provides experienced facilitation services. Pam will work with cities to create custom workshops and presentations to help resolve your issues. The most common workshops include:

  • Good Governance
  • Roles/Responsibilities
  • Meeting Management
  • Open Meeting Law
  • Working Within or After Conflict
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Best Practices Public Comment

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