Police Officer Physical Abilities Test

Published: December 4, 2023

Help ensure that new officers are fit to do the job before you bring them on board.

Hiring officers who are up to the physical challenges of the job is good for your officers and good for your city. Join a new statewide effort to help tackle this issue!

What is it?

Police officers need to be fit to perform the essential functions of the job and healthy cops make good decisions. For this reason, the League of Minnesota Cities has contributed to the design of a pre-employment, post-offer abilities test for police officer candidates. The test was created with significant input from a police-led steering committee and the League of Minnesota Cities.

This test is developed by WorkSTEPS and administered by NovaCare in most locations. WorkSTEPS is a leading national provider of medical/functional pre-employment and validations services. The test has been validated in accordance with EEOC standards, specifically for Minnesota’s city law enforcement departments. The League, and our police-led steering committee, encourages all cities to participate in this validated pre-employment testing program.

Why is it important?

Officer injuries are both common and frequently avoidable. Testing applicants before they officially join the force will keep your officers safer – and more productive – on the job. Your city will save money by potentially reducing injuries during physically demanding activities, experience faster recovery following an injury, and have fewer overall workers’ compensation claims.

To help your job candidates prepare for the testing, provide them a link to the Police POET Training Program specifically developed to enhance their readiness to take the test.

Who can take part?

Any police department in Minnesota is eligible to use the new test. Whether you’re a small city or a large one, you’re qualified!

How much does it cost?

The test is only $185.00 per candidate. This includes a face-to-face medical history interview, a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation that takes more than one hundred baseline measurements of the musculoskeletal systems to document and quantify pre-existing conditions and cumulative traumas, and simulations of six primary tasks: run, wall climb/obstacle scale, dummy wrestle, dummy drag, stair climb, and CPR administration.

Where can I find out more?

Contact WorkSTEPS directly and refer to the League of Minnesota Cities Police Physical Abilities Test.

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