Peer Support Standards and Training Guidelines

These guidelines and standards are intended to provide best practices and recommendations for forming and maintaining a peer support structure…

True North Constitutional Police Training

This online training program teaches Minnesota law enforcement officers to embrace constitutional principles in their policing.

PTSD and Mental Health Toolkit Portal

PTSD and other mental health conditions are treatable, and in many cases, preventable.

Police Department Management and Liability Issues

Information Memo

Understand special management challenges for city police department personnel.

Published Oct 28, 2020.

Planning for Critical Incident Responses

Information Memo

Contains guidance for Minnesota law enforcement agencies on planning for and managing police actions resulting in death or serious injury.

Published Aug 22, 2020.

Opioid Epidemic Information and Resources

A listing of reliable resources created by organizations with expertise and experience in responding to the opioid epidemic.

Training Safety Officer (TSO) Program

Prevent training injuries to public safety responders through the League Insurance Trust's Training Safety Officer Program.