4M Fund

The Minnesota Municipal Money Market Fund (the 4M Fund) is a customized cash management and investment program for Minnesota public funds.

Sponsored and governed by the League of Minnesota Cities, the 4M Fund is a unique investment alternative designed to address the daily and long-term investment needs of Minnesota cities and other municipal entities.

Managed in accordance with Minnesota Statutes and customized specifically for public entities, the 4M Fund provides safety, daily liquidity, and highly competitive yields.

The 4M Fund also provides a wide range of fixed term investments through our Fixed Rate Program, as well as term series investment pools that seek higher yields for short-term investments. For those seeking a longer-term solution, the 4M Limited Term Duration (4M LTD) Fund, seeks to provide excess income over money market and deposit products while maintaining limited price volatility.

The 4M Fund currently offers professional investment management through three funds: the Liquid Asset Class, the PLUS Class, and the LTD Fund. All offer a competitive money market rate, with the Liquid Asset Class providing additional cash management services like check writing.

Benefits and Features

  • Customized accounting
  • Direct wire of state aid
  • Full online access, including transactions and reporting
  • Multiple transaction and reporting options
  • Rates quoted net of all expenses
  • Free checking for most cities, including check printing
  • No minimum balances
  • Unlimited sub-accounts
  • Wide range of fixed rate investment options
  • Dedicated customer service team


The 4M Fund is administered by PMA Financial Network and Prudent Man Advisors, LLC.
Kent Johnson, Senior Vice President
Corey Boyer, Vice President, Investment Services
5298 Kyler Avenue NE, Second Floor
Albertville, MN 55301
(763) 497-1490 or (800) 783-4273, ext. 1300

Learn more at www.4Mfund.com