Term Series Investment Pools

The League’s 4M Fund (Minnesota Municipal Money Market Fund) offers term series investment pools—they’re a great short-term investment option that seeks higher yields. You can lock into a fixed rate and a specific date to meet your investment needs.

  • Fixed rates

Each term series is comprised of statute-allowable investments with a fixed rate of return. Rates don’t fluctuate and aren’t affected by the market. Your money can earn more because each term series seeks to provide rates that are typically higher than what your local bank account or other investment options might offer.

  • Fixed dates

Each term series has a fixed maturity date between 30 and 397 days. Need a place to park your future bond payments for 3 months, or invest reserves for a year? Convenient maturity dates meet your city’s specific needs.

New pools with varying rates and maturity dates will be offered on a regular basis, with a limited time frame of about 2-4 days to buy in to new series.

These term series investment pools are only open to participants in the 4M Fund; for more information on the 4M Fund and to open an account, visit www.4mfund.com.

The term series investment pools were developed through the League’s partnership with PMA Financial Network, Inc. (administrator for the 4M Fund) in an effort to provide increased yield and value as cities continue to respond to ongoing financial challenges.

For more information on the terms series investment pools, including the most current interest rates, contact Kent Johnson, PMA, at (866) 922-2849 or kjohnson@pmanetwork.com.