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There are various strategies that can be implemented in your organization to build resilience and create mental and emotional fitness.

Within your organization you can contribute and support individuals who seek to proactively address stress and trauma, and provide connection and resources for those who are struggling. All agencies, no matter the size or geographic location, should ensure employees have access to resources and services promoting safety and wellbeing that is comprehensive in nature and is a multi-faceted approach. This approach should address a variety of essential topics, which may include physical fitness, mental health, emotional wellness, stress management, financial wellness, peer support, and family support.

The importance of developing wellness and mental health strategies in part became a focus in public safety in response to the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. The task force determined that officer safety and wellness is one of the pillars deemed essential for healthy community-police relations. While several of the following strategies are derived from grant-funded research and work through the International Association of Police Chiefs (IAPC), these principals and strategies can be applied to all facets of public safety. These strategies reinforce that employees who are mentally and physically well, will in turn be more likely to operate safely.

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