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Cybersecurity for Cities

Primary audience

City Staff, Public Utilities, Information Technology, Elected Officials 

Course time

1 hour

Cybersecurity for Cities Course SeriesA colorful illustration of two hands tapping the keyboard of a laptop with a large padlock image displayed on the screen.

Cybersecurity for Cities is an eight-part series of online cybersecurity courses designed for elected officials and city staff.

Whether you are looking to protect city infrastructure, enhance your knowledge of secure communication channels, or develop a robust incident response plan, these courses offer valuable insights and practical guidance to help you fortify your city’s cybersecurity defenses.

The Cybersecurity for Cities series of courses includes:

Why Cybersecurity Matters
Discover the significance of cybersecurity and its impact on your duties as an elected official or city staff member.

Types of Cybersecurity Threats
Learn how to identify and avoid some of the cybersecurity risks faced by cities.

Password Basics
Explore password creation, management, and best practices to fortify digital defenses against unauthorized access.

Security Settings for Devices
Learn how to safeguard your digital assets through effective configuration and protection measures.

Data Management and Creating Policies 
Gain the skills to implement robust strategies for data protection, privacy, and regulatory compliance in the digital landscape.

Educating City Officials and Staff  (Coming July 2024)
Learn how to educate city officials and staff on the critical principles of cybersecurity.

Managing Vendors (Coming August 2024)
Learn best practices for managing your city’s external cybersecurity partnerships and suppliers.

Incident Reporting and Response (Coming September 2024)
Learn the essential skills for effective incident reporting and response

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Subject Matter Expert

Christian Torkelson, Cybersecurity Loss Control Consultant – League of Minnesota Cities


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