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2015 Salary & Benefits Survey results are now available!

Access the 2015 Salary & Benefits Survey results
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(Username and password required. Letters with new access codes were emailed to Survey Coordinators from Springsted on June 26, 2015.)

Need an access code?
Request or purchase an access code by completing a form or contacting Waters & Company or League HR staff:

It’s not too late to participate!
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(Username and password required; see LMC data entry letter mailed via first class mail on April 13, 2015.)

One of the great benefits of this online survey is organizations can update salary and benefit information throughout the year as changes occur. When you make updates, we encourage you to contact Regan Brown with Waters & Company ( or HR staff as noted above, so we can ensure your updated data gets posted as soon as possible. There will generally be a two-week lag before the updates are posted to the website so the data can be reviewed for any inadvertent errors. Remember, continued participation in the survey is required to continue to receive free access to the survey results.

Need a data entry code?
Data entry codes were mailed by Springsted to the top appointed official (city manager or city clerk) and the chief HR representative (if applicable) for most cities on April 13, 2015. To request a data entry code:

  • Contact League Staff
    LMC Human Resources staff is also available to assist you. Please contact Mindy Corby at (651) 281-1217 or, or Joyce Hottinger at (651) 281-1216 or

Read FAQs about accessing the 2015 survey results (pdf)

About the survey

  • This tool allows you to compare the salaries and benefits of your staff to those of other organizations throughout Minnesota.
  • Most Minnesota cities and counties (greater MN and metro area), as well as other public-sector organizations are included in the 2015 survey.
  • Participation in the survey is required for free access. An annual fee will be charged for non-participating entities or other organizations requesting access.

For questions about the survey:

Your LMC Resource
LMC Human Resources staff is also available to assist you:

  • Contact Mindy Corby
    HR Representative
    (651) 281-1217 or (800) 925-1122
  • Contact Joyce Hottinger
    Assistant HR Director
    (651) 281-1216 or (800) 925-1122

Disclaimer: The League provides the salary survey program to facilitate the exchange of information among elected officials and management of participating organizations. The League program relies on sophisticated methodology and proprietary technology. The League owns the salary survey program, and each organization is responsible for its own data. Participating organizations are expected to allow access to elected officials and select management staff only.