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Get public safety mental health hotline numbers here

Why get treatment for PTSD? Because treatment works. PTSD IS treatable.

Symptoms of PTSD can come on suddenly or gradually over time, they can have delayed onset or immediate onset, and there can be either a couple of symptoms present, or several symptoms present for a full PTSD diagnosis.

Regardless of the onset and number of symptoms, many individuals assume their PTSD symptoms will go away with enough time. This might be the case for some people, but not for everyone. Most individuals who are going to see improvement in their PTSD symptoms without treatment start to see improvement within the first year of symptom onset. If symptoms have persisted for longer than one year, they are likely to be long-lasting without proper mental health treatment.

There are many treatment options for PTSD, including talk therapies and medications. For many individuals, these treatments can alleviate symptoms of PTSD altogether. For others, treatment means they have fewer symptoms, symptoms are less intense, or the individual can learn ways to properly manage symptoms so that they are not impacting functioning. A majority of individuals who seek proper and appropriate mental health treatment for PTSD do experience a better quality of life following treatment.

For PTSD and symptoms of PTSD, it is key to seek help as soon as possible rather than waiting. There is great strength and courage in recognizing the symptoms one may be experiencing, and seeking help for those difficulties with the guidance and support of an experienced therapist or doctor.

Note: To learn more about prevention options that can be made available within an agency — such as peer support teams and mental health checkups — please view the Mental Health Strategies section.