How to save a PDF

If you would like to save the page you’re viewing as a PDF document, here are the steps:

  1. Click icon with 3 stacked dots Setting button with vertical dots / Setting button with horizontal dots or Setting button with stacked lines lines to the right of the URL bar at the top of your browser
  2. Select the “Print” option
  3. A pop up window like this one should appear, ensure the Destination field is set to “Save as PDF” (this may be a dropdown or “Change” button)
  4. Click “Save,” then select the location and name for the file on your computer

You can support your employees and keep them at work or return them to work.

Leaders have the opportunity to create a workplace that recognizes, acknowledges, and promotes the importance of mental health. Promoting positive mental health throughout your organization can help assist employees after suffering a post-traumatic or other mental health injury. Remember, PTSD and other mental health conditions are treatable, and most individuals can and do recover if they choose to pursue treatment.