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An infographic showing information about zoning data in the metro. Contents are available on the web page.Most metro cities offer lot sizes of a quarter-acre or less, which allow for starter homes to be built. While cities offer higher density zoning for housing, additional state incentives are needed to ensure affordability.

Metro zoning data shows …

  • 84% of cities have zoning districts that allow residential property to be built on a 1/4-acre lot or less.
  • Over 60% of cities allow for single- family detached homes and other residential structures to be built on a 1/5-acre lot or less.

Of the residential land in the metro …

  • 43% allows for a residential structure to be built on a 1/4 acre or less.
    31% allows for single-family detached homes built on a 1/4 acre or less.

Most cities provide a range of different residential zones that include:

  • Single-family detached homes.
  • Smaller lot sizes for various residential structures.
  • Multi-family unit development of varying densities
    — sometimes within the same zoning district.

What works?

Full housing spectrum solutions, local innovation support, incentives instead of statewide mandates, and community-specific solutions throughout Minnesota can help local communities address their housing needs most effectively.

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