The Spectrum of Housing in a City

The housing needs of a city can be as unique as the residents that live there, and often reflect the demographics, economic priorities, and geography of the community.


City officials use the tools and authority available to them to PRESERVE, MAINTAIN, ATTRACT, and
DEVELOP the mix of housing options that their community needs most, which may include:

      • New Affordable and Market-Rate Single Family Homes
      • Condos and Townhomes
      • Existing Single-Family
      • Rental Apartments
      • Townhomes, Duplexes
      • Single-Family Rental Property
      • Subsidized Rental
      • Tiny Homes
      • Accessory Dwelling Units
      • Short-Term Rental
      • Hotels
      • Student Housing
      • Rooming Houses
      • Senior Housing
      • Veterans Housing
      • Rehabilitation Facilities
      • Long-Term Care Facilities
      • Emergency Shelter

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