The League of Minnesota Cities has a model resolution supporting the authority of local elected officials and city staff to make housing and land use decisions in their community.

Housing industry groups have recently attacked city land use tools such as zoning and planned use developments. They claim incorrectly that these basic regulatory functions are prohibiting the building of more affordable housing stock, when market factors such as labor costs, land, and materials are creating the market failures we see today.

This is particularly obvious in Greater Minnesota cities and can also be seen in metro data indicating that 84% of metro cities have zoning districts that allow residential property to be built on a 1/4-acre lot or less.

How can the city help?


PASS a resolution and send it to your legislators

Download the model resolution (doc)

Note: Send a copy of the resolution to the League at so you can be added to the list we’re compiling.


SHARE your resolution with local media and via social media (use #HousingIsLocal).


FOLLOW UP with your legislators and local media with information about:

  • The specific housing need(s) of your community.
  • The action your city is taking to address housing challenges.
  • What support you need from stakeholders instead of state mandates.

Please let League staff ( know when you have done any of the above advocacy efforts (or if we can help you with any of the above).

Note: The model resolution referenced here is different from the one created by the League in support of infrastructure development fees.