How to save a PDF

If you would like to save the page you’re viewing as a PDF document, here are the steps:

  1. Click icon with 3 stacked dots Setting button with vertical dots / Setting button with horizontal dots or Setting button with stacked lines lines to the right of the URL bar at the top of your browser
  2. Select the “Print” option
  3. A pop up window like this one should appear, ensure the Destination field is set to “Save as PDF” (this may be a dropdown or “Change” button)
  4. Click “Save,” then select the location and name for the file on your computer

As discussed in the previous What is Wellness section, wellness is more than just physical health. Leaders can assist employees in achieving optimal well-being by creating a mentally healthy work environment and one that strives to smash the stigma about mental illness, mental health responses to stress or trauma, and seeking assistance when difficulties arise.