Bailey Doll

New York Mills, 6th Grade

Have you ever thought of what you would do if you were a mayor trying to better your own town? Well if you haven’t, hopefully this essay will get you thinking about it because it made me think a lot. The things that I started to think about are street maintenance, the community, and what’s happening that is good in our town.

Street maintenance is very important because without it there would be too many car accidents for people to even be on the road. With street maintenance there will be less accidents. The type of things that prevent us from having accidents are traffic lights and signs. If the people want to get a certain sign in their neighborhood, I would try my hardest to make that process easier for whoever believes that their neighborhood should have that sign or warning. Or, if they have any other questions, they can ask me any questions that are relevant to the problem they are having.

The community is one of the most important things in a municipality. It’s important because community is a word that symbolizes coming together and helping one another for the better. Being involved is one of the best things you could do for yourself and the thing you want to be involved in. Another reason it’s a good thing is that you can make many friendships. Just think about all the good things you can and should do by being involved in a community. Taking a part in any community is a good thing because it will make everyone feel at home with the friends they make.

There are things I like in my town and things I think should be added. There are a lot of things that come to mind when I think about what is good but the main thing is all the great people that are in my town. One thing that I would want to add to New York Mills is a place that anyone could go to to learn about New York Mills. Although Mills has a website, which is more convenient these days, hopefully people like myself would think it would be a good idea to make a place to go and learn about Mills. It allows people to get out of their house which is always a good thing.

Street maintenance can be improved, and community, it’s important to be together, and you can learn a lot from being involved in one. There are many good things that are in my town and the things that I think could be noticed or made better. Now that I’m done, what would you do if you were mayor for the day?


Zahra Kaderbhai

Shoreview, 6th Grade

As a mayor for a day, I would start a new program to allow people in the community to replant trees in public areas like city parks and other open spaces. Trees are so important, they give us fresh air and keep us and the earth healthy. Trees are also homes to many animals and critters. Maple trees are my favorite.

Two summers ago, we had to cut down three ash trees in our backyard due to emerald ash borer bugs. These trees provided shade and shelter for birds and squirrels, and their loss saddened us. Unfortunately, the city is also removing other trees in the neighborhood due to the same issue. My program’s goal is to ensure that we are replacing as many lost trees as possible.

Here’s how my program would work:

  • Choose a location: I’ll provide a list of areas where the city has cut down trees. You can select a spot to plant a new one.
  • Apply for permission: Apply to the city. You’ll receive a plaque with your name and planting date if approved.
  • Plant a tree: Pick a tree seeding from a local garden center. Attach the plaque to your tree and watch it grow!
  • Celebrate: Trees can be grown for special occasions like birthdays or graduations, inspiring others to join in!

I would also set up a way for people to donate trees. During the summer, my dad sometimes pulls out tree seedlings that are extras from our garden, and I believe others do the same. I encourage everyone to pot and donate them to local tree nurseries or garden centers.

I think this program will make it fun for people to keep Shoreview green!


Elina Larsen

Byron, 5th Grade

Hi! My name is Elina Larsen. Have you ever wanted to be the mayor even just for a day? Well, I am going to tell you three things I would do if I was mayor.

First, I would build a police station so police will not have to come from Rochester. Instead we should build one in Byron so police can come faster. Another reason for a police station is I feel like if I had a building for my job, I would feel appreciated. I think it would be nice to build them a police station so they feel more appreciated.

Second, I think we should open some retirement places. It would be easier to see your nana and papa. I feel like it would be nice to have them not worry about finding a good retirement place. Also more elderly would come live in our community.

Lastly, I would make better access for people who have disabilities. I feel like they would feel more appreciated. I believe that everyone will feel more welcome and easier for everyone.

That is everything I think Byron needs to be a great place for people to live in. These are the things I would do if I were mayor for a day.


Claire Westlund

St. Louis Park, 6th Grade

My name is Claire Westlund and I live in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. If I were mayor for the day I would want to meet all the people that I would be working with and establish what jobs they have so I know who to ask for what, as well as to just meet and interact with my fellow peers.

I would want to scope out empty areas and spaces that are just being wasted. Like a big empty lot of something like that. These spaces always make me think of something that I think would look better there. Such as a playground or walking nature strip or dog park. Even a shop or outdoor eating area is so much more fun than a big, empty, concrete lot.

I bet that there are lots of people who have business ideas but don’t have a space to show and share the cool, creative ideas. Or they could also be turned into something completely new and unique.

I would also want to at least start depolluting lakes in Minnesota. Out of the over 10,000 lakes there are 2,409 of them are polluted. I live right by Lamplighter Pond, and it’s pretty much a giant sewer dump. I would want to put in an effort to try and clean some out if I were the mayor for the day.

I hope you enjoyed my reasoning and ideas for “If I were the mayor for day.”