Current Grant Opportunities

Election Equipment Replacement Grants
The 2017 Legislature authorized $7 million in grant funding to help local jurisdictions across the state replace aging election equipment. The funds are now available through the Office of the Secretary of State (OSS). The fund provides up to a 50 percent match for mandatory equipment, such as optical scan precinct counters, optical scan central counters, or assisted voting devices; and up to a 75 percent match for electronic rosters. Grant amounts will range from $1,699-$5,000 per precinct, depending on how many precincts apply. A resolution from the city council approving the application for grant funds is required, as well as a letter from the county auditor agreeing to assist the city in use of the equipment must be attached to the application. Grant applications are due to the OSS by 4 p.m. on Dec. 15.

Local Fire Service Planning Grants
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s State Fire Marshal Division (SFMD) announced Sept. 1 that the division is soliciting grant applications for the Service Planning Grant Program (formerly the Shared Services Program). The solicitation period will remain open until Jan. 31, 2018. Grants are intended to fund third-party feasibility studies aimed at developing options for service planning, including (but not limited to) those provided in A Blueprint for Shared Services, a guide developed by the Governor’s Fire and Rescue Shared Services Task Force in 2010. Grants will help local agencies identify ways to work together to enhance fire service delivery. This may involve collaboration related to training, department administration, personnel and/or equipment. Agencies may also use grant funds to explore potential department consolidations.

CERTs Seed Grants
CERTs Seed Grants support labor costs for community-based clean energy projects. The focus is on community energy efficiency and renewable energy. Projects should be highly visible and replicable, and also spark conversations about clean energy benefits. Funding for these projects is provided through the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources. Proposals for community-based projects are due Oct. 20.

Library Construction Grant
The state Library Construction Grant program provides public libraries with funding for renovation, construction, and improvement projects that result in more accessible library facilities. Projects may:

  • Remove architectural barriers from a library building or site.
  • Remediate conditions hazardous to health or safety.
  • Renovate or expand an existing building for use as a library.
  • Construct a new library.

The 2017 Minnesota Legislature allocated a total amount of $2 million to the program, and those funds are available for competitive grant awards. The deadline to apply is Sept. 29.

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